Logo: Jens Sundheim Fotografie

Photography: Jens Sundheim (except I 1 & 5, S 1 & pages of Episode 5)
Jens Sundheim studied photography at the FH Dortmund. Among free projects he is working in the field
of architecture/industrial and portrait photography for journals and companies. www.jens-sundheim.de

Logo: Markus Mielek, Fotograf

Photography: Markus Mielek (First Scene Episode 7)
Markus Mielek studied photography at the FH Dortmund. His focus is on the fields of fashion, people, editorial, business and advertising. www.mielek.com.

Logo: Mark Ansorg Fotografie

Photography: Mark Ansorg (Photo of the Dortmunder U-Tower, Episode 8, Page 43)
The focus of his work is the photographic portrait. His projects range from classic individual portraits for print & internet appearances to editorial documentaries & portrayals of companies. www.markansorg.de.

Photography: Mika Preller (pages of Episode 5)
Mika Preller studies photography at the FH Dortmund.

Logo: Jennifer Stuckes Webseite

Photography: Jennifer Stucke (Interlude 5)
Jennifer Stucke did not study photography but nevertheless produces nice photos.
A selection of her pictures can be found on her facebook-site: jennifer.stuke.photography.

Logo: The Website of Timo Hammesfahr

Photography: Timo Hammesfahr (Hideout of the Wittener - Episode 8)
Timo Hammesfahr works as a freelance photographer in Solingen. Portrait-, nude-, event- and streetphotography are in his sphere of action. www.timohammesfahr.com.

Logo: Jonas Putsch Website

Photography: Jonas Putsch (Specialeffect - Episode 8 Page 40)
A photo of a Ferris wheel from Jonas Putsch was the foundation of the reflector shield of the Nordstadt-Barde.

Logo: Todd Quigleys Webseite

Lektorat der Englischen Seiten: Todd Quigley
In the course of time quite a few people sent me corrections for the english version – the biggest part of this work was done by Todd Quigley! Now I only have to implement it... https://about.me/todd_quigley.

Logo: kA4>Crew< Skroblin und Pfirschke GbR

Video-Production of the live-reading: kA4>Crew< video- and multimedia production
Marco Skroblin delivers image-, 3d- and event-movies and much more.
An overview about the products can be found on his website: www.ka4crew.de.

Logo: Huatiak.de

Illustration (Webpage and Comicpages Episode 2): Patrick Soeder
Patrick Soeder is illustrator and diplomate graphic-designer (FH Dortmund und Falmouth college of arts).
Further information about recent projects and excerpts of his work can be found at www.huatiak.de.

Logo: ralph-kretschmann.de

Illustration (Comicpages Episode 5): Ralph G. Kretschmann
Ralph G. Kretschmann works as illustrator and graphic designer. He lives and works in Hamburg.
More information about his recent projects can be found at www.ralph-kretschmann.de.

Foto: Robin Paul

Actor: Robin Paul
Robin Paul studies in Aachen. From there he takes his place step by step on the music stages of the world. More about him and his music can be found at www.myspace.com/robinpaulmusic.

Logo: Hakutsurukan-Dôjô Dortmund

Actor: Sascha Wagener (Hakutsurukan Dôjô Dortmund)
Sascha Wagener lives in Dortmund and offers in his dôjô a classical training in the material arts, the hygienics and the armed fighting skills of eastern asia. www.hakutsurukan.de.

Logo: Boris Gott

Actor: Boris Gott
Boris Gott lives and works as a singer/songwriter in the north of Dortmund. A selection of his "songs from the dark heart of the ruhr area" can be found at www.borisgott.de.

Logo: Michael Constantin

Actor: Michael Constantin
You shouldn't take Michael Constantin for a simple mind reader – he is far more than that! His abilitiy to apparently read people like books is only a means to an end. www.michaelconstantin.com

Logo: Peter Schütte

Actor: Peter Schütte
The caretaker is his starring role. A funny and odd mixture of parody, magic and improvisation theatre. www.ergie-waeggedawn.de.

Logo: Dortmunder U - Zentrum für Kunst und Kreativität

Location: Dortmunder U
In our world the headquater of the heroes represents the Dortmunder U – Centre for Art and Creativity.
More information about it can be found here: www.dortmunder-u.de.

Logo: subrosa

Location: subrosa
The subrosa is a cosy tavern in the "Nordstadt" of Dortmund.
More about this heroically nice music-pub can be found at www.hafenschaenke.de.

Logo: Making-IT-work.de

Programming: Christian Nölle
Christian Nölle is a graduate economist (Uni Wuppertal) and is specialized in TYPO3-implementations.
His references can be found at www.making-IT-work.de.

Logo: Designer of jewelry Frauke Pohlmann

Brooch-Design: Frauke Pohlmann
Frauke Pohlmann is a master goldsmith and an officially recognised designer of jewelry.
Her newest pieces of jewelry can be found at www.fraukepohlmann.de.

Logo: TANZ!KLEID Susanne Leja

Costume-Design: TANZ!KLEID Susanne Leja
Susanne Leja creates tailor-made costumes for dance and the stage.
An overview of her work can be found at www.atelier-tanzkleid.de.

Logo: Jawstyle.de

Costume-Design: Judith Gagliardi
Judith Gagliardi finished the Modeschule Düsseldorf in 1999 as best of class and did create the costume of the Erzengel for us.


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